Ep. 194 - Psalm 103 | Our Father | Joe Stout

Ep. 194 - Psalm 103 | Our Father | Joe Stout
Reformation Roundtable
Ep. 194 - Psalm 103 | Our Father | Joe Stout

Mar 11 2024 | 00:51:03

Episode March 11, 2024 00:51:03

Show Notes

David gives us no doubt about the fatherhood of God. He directly compares earthly fathers with our Father in heaven when he says, "Just as a father pities his children." We might understand the word 'pity' in our modern day language as 'compassion.' This word compassion might even be more clearly expressed as love with an understanding of our weakness. Good fathers with a natural affection for their children understand this feeling well. 

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